Progressive curriculum


English and Maths

St Bernadette’s use the statutory guidance as set out in the National Curriculum 2014 for English and Maths.  To support ongoing assessment of Reading, Writing and Maths teachers use assessment grids as set out below (Key Performance Indicators: KPIs)


Foundation subjects

St Bernadette’s have developed a progressive, sequential planning and assessment strategy for all foundation subjects, which is personalised to our children and school context.

  • School leaders have used the statutory elements of the National Curriculum 2014 to plan progressive and sequential coverage for each stage of learning.
  • Leaders have also considered essential prior learning and key vocabulary for each year group.
  • Teachers use these documents and planning and assessment frameworks.
  • Key learning (in purple writing) indicates awareness of necessary and progressive learning essential to secure as a stepping stone to accessing next stage of learning (this purple learning will link to the metacognition in Year group Medium Term Plans)
  • Any bold KPIs may need more than one lesson or breaking into small steps


Foundation Subject Key performance indicators (KPIs) and metacognitive assessments included in this booklet are:

  1. Science KPIs (Y1-6)
  2. History KPIs & metacognitive assessment (Y1-6)
  3. Geography & metacognitive assessment (Y1-6)
  4. Art & DT & metacognitive assessment (Y1-6)
  5. Music (Y1-6)
  6. French (Y3-6)



At St Bernadette’s, we have a clear vision of our curriculum expectations and have created long-term Curriculum plans for all year groups and subject areas.  Subject areas are mapped out across all year groups to ensure excellent coverage and progression.

You can access a summary of our 2020-21 Long Term Planning (LTP) timetables by clicking on the appropriate year group below.  These are a work in progress and some aspects of our delivery will be out of sync with stated dates.   Because of our Recovery model and the focus of work in the first half term,  we are prioritising essential missed learning (highlighted) as we travel towards teaching a full curriculum again throughout the year.  

Bespoke medium and short term planning provides greater depth and creativity to expected learning.