The Nursery class is part of a vibrant Foundation Stage within St. Bernadette’s school. We share our learning environment with our friends in reception.

Miss Lumley and Mrs Andrews are our Nursery teachers; Mrs Hill is our Nursery Assistant.

We have places for 26 children in each of the sessions (morning and afternoon).  We also provide up to 16 full time 30 hour places – Mrs Cunningham and Mrs McAvoy look after us over lunchtime – please inquire with our Nursery staff or the school office if you are interested in a full time provision.

Our morning session starts at 8.30 and finishes at 11.30. The afternoon session begins at 12.15 and ends at 3.15pm.

All children in school, including our nursery children, may attend our wraparound care – “School’s In”  in the morning or “School’s Out” after school.


Important notice

Because of our current risk assessment measures in relation to COVID 19, extended school clubs are not taking place this year (2020-21), therefore, our Year 5 children were unable to complete the upload of Webwatcher news.



Autumn 2020

Please find attached details of the Autumn 2020 Curriculum Newsletter, this provides a summary of the topics that your children will be studying this term.

We have reviewed our curriculum offer in Autumn to assist the recovery process for all our pupils following their prolonged absence from school as a result of school closures in March 2020.  We aim to reignite the flame of learning in each child by restoring the children’s mental health and rebuilding their resilience allowing them to become resilient learners again.

In addition, the attached parent’s letter provides details of Religious Education topics.


Each term our Year 5 children upload information collated from each class as part of one of our Extended school Clubs.  All information below is written by the children for parents and interested parties to gain a deeper insight into what fun and interesting activities each class are partaking in each term.  



Because of enforced school closure on Monday 23rd March 2020 as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, our Year 5 children were unable to complete the upload of Webwatcher news.  We will resume this as soon as we are able.




Nursery: AUTUMN TERM 2019


The Nursery children are learning about magnificent me, looking at what is similar and different. They understand that we are all unique. In topic they have been learning about how to stay safe near fireworks. They have also been getting ready for Halloween. For topic they have to been welcoming visitors/pupils. They have been learning about the seasons especially autumn, learning how to write their own names and how to keep healthy teeth and eat well. They have also been making snow men.


The children have been learning how to form letters and how to hold a pencil correctly so that they can write neatly. They like sounding out letters and making actions. The children have been learning using books like Kissing hand/The Owl babies/The Gruffalo.


In maths the children have been learning all about shapes. They can name lots of shapes and can describe some of their properties like how many sides and corners they have and if some sides are curved or straight. They have also been finding out how to measure, count to 5 and use positional language. They have been learning how to make pretty patterns too. They can now order numbers.


Nursery has been having fun with bat and ball activities, climbing and balancing and has had great success in practicing yoga.

Religious Education

The Nursery children have been finding out about how much God loves us. They have also learned about Judaism because Jesus was a Jew. They have been enjoying their class liturgies and have investigated Baptism. The children have been doing some role playing and pretending to baptise some babies.


The children have enjoyed visits from adult helpers and the panto at Christmas.



Because of enforced school closure on Monday 23rd March 2020 as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, our Year 5 children were unable to complete the upload of Webwatcher news this year.


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