The RE Curriculum

The religious programme, ‘Come and See’ is the core RE scheme at St Bernadette’s.  Links are made with the children’s own experiences and the curriculum is adapted to make it real and meaningful to our children. We teach Religious Education through the process of Explore, Reveal, Respond. This follows the pattern of: the human search for meaning, God’s initiative in Revelation and the response in faith.

It is important to us that our children see themselves as part of a wider community. To ensure we have real and lasting experiences we have a planned programme of visits to places of worship so that children can learn about the many similarities between major world religions.  Therefore two other religions are taught from EYFS to Year 6 following the programme of study in ‘Come and See’. These are Judaism, which is taught in the Autumn and Hinduism (KS1) / Islam (KS2 ) which is taught either in the Spring or Summer.

Staff Reflections

One very important aspect of each topic is the whole staff reflection when the staff come together to reflect on the new topic at their own level before they start work with the children

At the end of each reflection a short period of time is spent looking at the resources for the new topic and any possible cross-curricular links.