Recovery Curriculum

Due to the reduction of pupils attending school during the Covid-19 pandemic (March-July 2020), it was necessary to re-evaluate our school’s approach to the provision on offer for our children as they return in full from September.

All school’s within our Trust planned an individualised  ‘Recovery Curriculum’ so our curriculum was very different for at least the first half term.  Re-engagement with our wider school 20/21 planned curriculum began from November 2020.

The Recovery Curriculum Framework is based upon the work of Barry Carpenter and the Evidence for Learning team, which sets out the importance of recognising the trauma and loss that children will have been through during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The primary focus of the recovery curriculum is to ‘help children to recover from their loss of routine, structure, friendship, sleep, opportunity and freedom’.

The Recovery Curriculum Framework is built on the 5 Levers, as a systematic, relationships-based approach to reigniting the flame of learning in each child. The levers are:

  1. Relationships – rebuild relationships with peers and staff
  2. Community – understand school context and wider community
  3. Transparent curriculum – address gaps to reassure parents and children
  4. Metacognition – reskill and rebuild confidence of learners
  5. Space – rediscover self and find voice again through exploration

Successful transition for our children will enable them to once again become efficient and confident learners.   This time in the Autumn term allowed time to reinforce our very high expectations of all children and intended to ensure children catch up academically, socially and emotionally.  Many children inevitably regressed as a result of not being in school (March-July 2020) however put in place a range of learning and interventions (as necessary) to help each child quickly progress.

We focused on reaffirming basic skills (Literacy/Numeracy); understanding new rules and our school values; restoring children’s mental wealth and rebuilding the resilience of our pupils to allow them to become effective learners again by.

Our quest was to journey with each child through a process of re-engagement, which lead them back to their rightful status as a fully engaged, authentic learner.


Please find below our:

  • Trust Framework for the Recovery Curriculum
  • St Bernadette’s Road to Recovery Curriculum
  • St Bernadette’s Recovery Curriculum Intent, Impact and Implementation
  • Nursery – Year 6 Recovery models for Autumn 1 2020
  • COVID Catch up spend plan