Reach for the Stars!

We are delighted to inform you of our reward schemes which we are sure you will agree will further reward our wonderful children.

Handwriting Charts

To encourage well formed cursive handwriting, each class displays ‘Steps to Success.’ With regular practice at home and school, each child aims to move up the steps to improve their handwriting.

Whole School Reading Charts

Allowing all children irrespective of age or ability the opportunity to read aloud regularly develops reading skills and improves confidence and fluency. We greatly appreciate support at home and would like parents and carers at home to listen to your children and sign their Reading records as regularly as possible. Of course we will listen to children on a weekly basis and sign their Reading records too.  Children will receive a book voucher for every 100 adult entries they get in their reading diaries and their progress will be celebrated through an in-class display.

We would also appreciate your support in class listening to children read any afternoon between 2-3pm. If any parents, carers or parishioners can offer regular support to listen to readers, please contact the school office.

Times Tables Top Scorers

This is an exciting initiative, which all St Bernadette’s pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 take part in. The aims of the programme are as follows:

  •  To ensure children can actively work towards fluency in numeracy both in school and at home.
  • To offer further opportunities for children to become secure in the requisite key skills for his/her year group linked to the 2014 National Curriculum.
  • To offer an engaging way for children to achieve secure recall of key skills or times table knowledge (year one onwards).

A sound grasp of key skills (such as times tables, number bonds, doubling, etc.) is essential if children are to achieve ‘mastery’ of the curriculum. This approach, in combination with St Bernadette’s existing numeracy provision, is designed to equip children to develop a deeper understanding of mathematics, from fluency to reasoning to problem solving.

All children in Key Stage 1 and 2 have been given a booklet which is used to check their individual progress against their year group’s key skills. They have also been given diaries to use at home, so that parents/carers can record each time they have practised at home. Similar to our ‘Out of this World’ reading scheme, the programme rewards regular practice both at home and in school. Children are encouraged to practice with an adult as regularly as possible, so that they can work their way up the in-class displays and become ‘Times Tables Top Scorers!’

Behaviour Rewards

To develop the success of our House System, we will display our houses more prominently in class so children can see how their hard work, good manners and effort are being rewarded through class points. For every 10 Class points children earn they will receive a House Point and when the children achieve 5 House Points they receive a Merit certificate in our weekly House meeting.

We also have weekly Golden time for all children to promote positive behaviour. This is a short session at the end of the week when children can choose from a menu of fun activities.

Children understand that poor behaviour will result in losing special time, such as Golden time. Should any children persist in poor behaviour parents and carers will of course be informed. It is crucial that we work together to not only deal with the minority of issues we sometimes face, but also in helping us celebrate the fantastic behaviour of your amazing children.


Cultural Passports

Each class has a passport which offers which activities they will encounter to ensure they receive the best opportunities at St Bernadette’s. 

Each teacher will ensure the passports are tailored to meet the needs of all children in the class. 

The children will receive their passports at the beginning of the academic year and take part in a graduation once the passport has been completed.