Mrs Pennick is our class teacher and we are also helped by Mrs Kemp.

We are now the oldest children in KS1 so we set a great example to the younger children by showing exceptional manners and behaviour.

We work SO hard!

Even though we are now learning trickier things in all lessons we still have great fun and we all love coming to school!


Each term our Year 5 children upload information collated from each class as part of one of our Extended school Clubs.  All information below is written by the children for parents and interested parties to gain a deeper insight into what fun and interesting activities each class are partaking in each term.  


Year 2: Autumn Term 2019


In Year Two’s topic work they had an epic trip to Captain Cook’s museum and discovered many things about the famous explorer.They also dressed up and learned all about many ancient artefacts


In Year Two’s literacy work, they have been writing about Captain Cook and are currently writing up Jack and the Bean stalk. However, they’re coming up with their own different special endings. And they have been finishing the endings and improving their writing skills. In the literacy work made by Year Two they have been exploring the exciting world of Guy Fawkes and his friends for Fire-Work Night! Yay!!


In Y2’s numeracy work they have been learning about inverse operations. They have also been doing some addition and subtraction but the most exciting thing about their topic is…MONEY! That’s right the best thing about their topic is the famous English currency that goes by the name of pounds and pence.


In science Year Two they have been learning about healthy menus and a balanced diet sso that they eat the right foods. They have also been making sure they know how to keep healthy.


In their PE lessons they have been doing some dancing but not just any ordinary dancing! They have been doing pirate dancing!!!Wow Year Two have been working extremely hard whilst learning about teamwork and helping others in their P.E work.


In RE they have been learning all about baptism and holy sacraments.


Assembly on the 6TH of November and on their rehearsal a visitor from the National History Museum called Jenny came to watch them and was very impressed.




Because of enforced school closure on Monday 23rd March 2020 as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, our Year 5 children were unable to complete the upload of Webwatcher news this year.


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