Mr Lynn is our class teacher. Each day, we are helped in our classroom by Mrs Walpole who support us with various activities.

This year, we are working across a wide range of subjects and covering a variety of cross-curricular topics.


Important notice

Because of our current risk assessment measures in relation to COVID 19, extended school clubs are not taking place this year (2020-21), therefore, our Year 5 children were unable to complete the upload of Webwatcher news.



Autumn 2020

Please find attached details of the Autumn 2020 Curriculum Newsletter, this provides a summary of the topics that your children will be studying this term.

We have reviewed our curriculum offer in Autumn to assist the recovery process for all our pupils following their prolonged absence from school as a result of school closures in March 2020.  We aim to reignite the flame of learning in each child by restoring the children’s mental health and rebuilding their resilience allowing them to become resilient learners again.

In addition, the attached parent’s letter provides details of Religious Education topics.


Each term our Year 5 children upload information collated from each class as part of one of our Extended school Clubs.  All information below is written by the children for parents and interested parties to gain a deeper insight into what fun and interesting activities each class are partaking in each term.  



Because of enforced school closure on Monday 23rd March 2020 as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, our Year 5 children were unable to complete the upload of Webwatcher news.  We will resume this as soon as we are able.


Year 4 Autumn Term 2019


This term’s History Topic in Year 4 is all about invaders to Great Britain. The children have had great fun making super Roman shields. In Year 4 they have also been learning about Roman roads and how Roman inventions have influenced us today. They have learned about how unfair Roman society was and how Roman strategies and technology made them such amazing fighters. Year 4 have also been looking into who the Anglo-Saxons were and why they came to Britain. The children have particularly enjoyed Looking into the world of the Vikings, why they came to Britain and how their motives changed from being raiders to becoming settlers.


In year 4 they have been writing instructions about how to make Roman shields and have created reports about Roman society. They have writing about the planning, writing and editing their own mythical stories about Viking Gods. Recently the children have writing newspaper reports about how a Viking long ship was excavated from the school field. It was very exciting. Finally this year the children have written some super persuasive texts encouraging mobile phones to be banned.


The children have been enjoying lots of learning in maths such as rounding up to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and compering Roman numerals. They have also been partitioning numbers, adding and subtracting using different techniques and looking at how to multiply and divide 4 digit numbers. In year 4 they have learning about negative numbers. Year 4 have been trying to tackle problems in systematic ways and explain how they have approached challenges.


Year 4 have been investigating the digestive system and doing an experiment on EGGS to identify which liquids are best/worse for our teeth. In Year 4 they have been writing up their experiments and coming to conclusions. Y4 also looked at sound and how sound travels through vibrations and how our ears hear sound. The children have conducted a number of experiments and used data loggers to record results, measuring decibels to see how distance and materials affect how sound travels.


Year 4 have been learning all about how web pages work and have edited html code to change the appearance of web pages. Year 4 have also been using technology to record weather patterns, predict weather and create graphs and tables from collected data.


Year 4 have been learning about how to use music to create a Roman dance. It comprised of different elements: at the campsite, training, marching to war, the battle and the aftermath. They had great fun. Year 4 have also been honing their athletic skills to compete at an inter-school indoor athletic competition.


In RE Y4 have been learning all about Jesus’ family, such as Abraham, Solomon and King David. They learned about inspirational characters like Ruth and how these people affect how we act as Christians today. Year 4 have been preparing for Advent and some of them have been learning about the sacrament of Reconciliation in readiness for their First Holy Communion Year.


Year 4 are always lucky to have Mrs Bell to help us weekly along with the wonderful Mrs McGee. They have also been to Trinity for an indoor athletics tournament where they came 2nd. They have a great visit to York and the Jorvik Centre to learn about the Vikings and also explored York’s walls which were originally built by the Roman invaders. Year 4 loved going to the pantomime in Billingham.

Pupil Quotes

‘’I liked making turtles – outside.’’

‘’I liked the shields.’’

‘’I really liked chest push.’’




Because of enforced school closure on Monday 23rd March 2020 as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, our Year 5 children were unable to complete the upload of Webwatcher news this year.




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