We are Year 5 and we are wonderful!

Our teacher is Mr Bourner and his co-pilot is Mrs Lumley. The children in our class all work very hard.

Don’t forget to bring your ukulele every Wednesday!

Autumn 2020

Please find attached details of the Autumn 2020 Curriculum Newsletter, this provides a summary of the topics that your children will be studying this term.

We have reviewed our curriculum offer in Autumn to assist the recovery process for all our pupils following their prolonged absence from school as a result of school closures in March 2020.  We aim to reignite the flame of learning in each child by restoring the children’s mental health and rebuilding their resilience allowing them to become resilient learners again.

In addition, the attached parent’s letter provides details of Religious Education topics.


Each term our Year 5 children upload information collated from each class as part of one of our Extended school Clubs.  All information below is written by the children for parents and interested parties to gain a deeper insight into what fun and interesting activities each class are partaking in each term.  



Because of enforced school closure on Monday 23rd March 2020 as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, our Year 5 children were unable to complete the upload of Webwatcher news.  We will resume this as soon as we are able.



Y5 Autumn Term 2019


Year 5 have been studying Oliver Cromwell. Is he a villain or a hero? They are also studying Dick Turpin. Y5 have been enjoying the studying of the Tudors and their dreadful punishments. They have been doing an Ancient Egyptian time line. They have been writing a comic like story sheet about when the Egyptian pharaoh king Tutankhamun. Year 5 are learning about ancient Egypt mummification and even made some models. They are studying the places of Egypt and made some maps of West Egypt.


They have been writing a report about crime and punishment in Victorian Britain. They are also are writing a historical narrative. They are finishing their narrative by editing and improving as they would like a lot of detail. Y5 have finished their stories! They are planning a newspaper report about when king Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in 1922.They are now writing a play script about the Egyptian Cinderella. Recently they have been writing a persuasive letter to Mr Conway


They are doing column addition. They are also are learning a range of addition and subtraction methods. They have been learning how to create line graphs. They have been interpreting tables. They are dividing and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000


Learning about the properties of materials has been this terms target. They are also looking at conductors and insulators. Y5 have also been testing if materials are soluble or insoluble. Recently Y5 have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes.


They have been learning the haka and have been trying to make up their own version of it. They have been enjoying a lovely choice of dodge ball and football. Y5 have been involved in gymnastic jumps, practising rolls and have been doing the vault. They have additionally been learning some variety of stretches in gymnastics


Miss Gustafson.

A yoga session.

Panto at Billingham Forum



A gymnastic competition


“R.E is the best!” by Grace.

Will adores English.

Alex says “Y5 are as bright as unicorns!”

Olivia loves doing jumps in gymnastics.

Elina enjoys the variety of stretches, jumps and rolls in gymnastics.



Because of enforced school closure on Monday 23rd March 2020 as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, our Year 5 children were unable to complete the upload of Webwatcher news this year.


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