Mrs Stoker is our class teacher. We are helped in our classroom by Mrs Davies, who is our resident SPaG expert and the official Grammar Sherriff!

We are the oldest in school and therefore try to always be shining examples to the rest of St Bernadette’s in our words and actions around school as well as our hard working attitudes in class.

We enjoy weekly Cross Country sessions with Mrs Davies, Drama Club in the Spring with Mrs Stoker as well as a wide variety of other extra-curricular activities throughout the year.


Each term our Year 5 children upload information collated from each class as part of one of our Extended school Clubs.  All information below is written by the children for parents and interested parties to gain a deeper insight into what fun and interesting activities each class are partaking in each term.  


Year 6 Autumn term 2019


In Year Six this autumn term they have been learning about World War 1 and World War 2. They have been learning particularly about the blitz and how it affected so many people. It sounds like a terrible time of our history.


They have been learning how to use information texts and setting descriptions. Year Six have been learning about diaries. Year Six have also been learning about informal letters. They have been investigating how to write non-chronological reports on Anne Frank. In this term Year Six have been learning about creating fabulous setting descriptions.


In Year 6 they have been learning about place value, number operations and short and long divisions. They have also been learning about fractions. Year 6 have been learning about fractions, multiplication and challenging division problems.


They have been learning about the human circulation system and transporting nutrients through the human body. Year Six have been learning about a healthy lifestyle they have also focused their interests on heart rate investigation.


Year Six have been moving to music. They have also been doing gymnastics


They have been focusing on the topic ‘loving’ by looking at the story the prodigal son and forgiveness including unconditional love. They also have been learning about commitment like vocations of the priests in their R.E lessons


Year Six travelled to Robin Wood to do lots of different and exciting activities. They have led a remembrance service and a Buddies assembly.

Pupil quotes:

“Robin wood was far better than I could have ever dreamed of!” said Rosie.

Dominic said, “Long division is hard.”



Because of enforced school closure on Monday 23rd March 2020 as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, our Year 5 children were unable to complete the upload of Webwatcher news this year.


June 2020

Please find below our Year 6 Welcome Back video following our enforced closure due to Coronavirus.  We are really excited to see the children again.  Please view the below video to see the new way we will be entering school, the new classroom set up and other logistical information.  See you from Monday 8th June!



Year 6 Return to School Video 







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