Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an integral part to children’s learning, celebrating God’s presence in their lives and giving loving response in word and action.  Children are fully involved in planning and delivering Whole School, Key Stage and Class Liturgies.

Teachers in school seek to empower children to lead Collective Worship in class.  Teachers lead and model good practice and also give children the opportunity to participate, take ownership of their learning and develop their own relationship with God. Teachers give children a real voice in planning, leading and evaluating worship.

Whole School Collective Worship

Mr Conway and Miss Brady lead the whole school in Collective Worship every week.

The theme is usually closely linked with the liturgical year so that all members of the school community have an understanding of the readings, colours and messages we listen to and see on Sunday at Mass.

Annual Liturgies

Annual Liturgies take place throughout the year.  Monsignor Hogan, our parish priest, celebrates Mass in school. The children journeying towards First Holy Communion join with St Bernadette’s parish at Sunday Mass several times throughout the school year. All staff are committed to encouraging and supporting our children play an active role in the parish community.

Parents and parishioners are invited to join us when we celebrate Mass together. The themes include: Harvest, Remembrance,  Advent, Lent and Thanksgiving.