Morning 8.30am – 11.30am
Afternoon 12.15pm – 3.15pm
Morning 8.40am – 11.45am
Afternoon 12.55pm – 3.00pm
Key Stage 1 & 2
Morning 8.40am – 12.00pm
Afternoon 12.55pm – 3.00pm


As a result of COVID guidelines we have altered our start and end times:

Staggered start and end times


  Nursery Reception Y1/Y2 Y3/Y4 Y5/Y6
Drop off time Morning: 8.30-8.40am

Afternoon: 12.15-12.30pm

8.30-8.40am 8.40-8.50am 8.50-8.55am 8.55-9.00am
Collection time Morning: 11.15-11.30am

Afternoon: 2.30pm-3.15pm


From class/EYFS playground




From class/EYFS playground



Y1 – Zone 1

Y2 – Zone 2



Y3 – Zone 3

Y4 – Zone 4



Y5 – Zone 4

Y6 – Zone 3

In this interim period the proposed school drop off and collection arrangements will be altered as follows.

  • To manage social distancing guidance we would like prompt drop off and collection times.  There are lines on our paths as a reminder to distance from each other. Parents must not congregate and strictly distance themselves.
  • Parents/children are encouraged to walk/cycle/scoot to school where possible and only one parent should drop off/collect their child.
  • Parents should drop off children at side gate on entry. Parents should not enter school premises unless permitted by a teacher. The office area should be avoided if possible and phonecalls are encouraged.
  • On collection, parents will collect from set areas around the perimeter of school. Parents should stand socially distanced from each other at all times inside allocated collection zone and promptly and safely leave school grounds as soon as child is collected.
  • To maximise curriculum time and minimise disruption to lessons, families with multiple sibling links should arrive at the earliest sibling time slot. All siblings can enter school at the same time.  Parents should collect at the latest time slot. Please collect oldest children first and proceed to younger children’s exit points.
  • Children must be collected by a designated adult and are not permitted to walk to/from school alone or go home with other families. Without this measure, there is an increased risk of social contact outside of school.