Response to Parent Questionnaire November 2020


Thank you to all of 88 parents who completed our November questionnaire.  As a result of lockdown we were unable to gather all your responses from our March 2020 survey.


A collation of the questionnaire responses indicates you are overwhelmingly delighted with the education your children are receiving at St Bernadette’s and we are grateful for your many positive comments.  We were heartened by your responses as the staff work have worked so hard (particularly this year as a result of COVID) to ensure your children are happy and progress well.  We are proud of our school and our staff work so hard to make it the best possible school for your precious children.  Of particular note, I wanted to highlight:


  • 100% of parents agree that school provides a safe and orderly environment
  • 99% of parents agree that their child is happy and feels safe at our school
  • 99% of parents agree that school is welcoming
  • 98% of parents agree that there is a good standard of behaviour at St. Bernadette’s
  • 98% of parents agree that their child is taught well at our school
  • 97% of parents agree that staff encourage your child to work hard and do their best
  • 96% of parents agree that the values and attitudes of our school have a positive effect on my child
  • 71% of parents agree that when they have raised concerns with the school they have been dealt with properly and 26% of parents have never had to raise a concern.


As always we welcome your feedback on how we can improve and we will try to implement suggested changes where possible:


Please see the Documentation Below: