We have now replaced our eschools Learning Platform with Google Classroom. We hope you will find this a user-friendly way of accessing your children’s work at home.
Google classroom enables children and parents/carers to see their current work, submit completed work to their teachers and also communicate with their teachers.
It will be used as follows:
– Children’s weekly homework will be set on here (this is for ALL children).
– Teachers will also post classwork on there for any children who may need to work from home (this is only for children working from home).
-It will be used as our main learning resource and for Live Learning in the event of a whole bubble closure
-Live learning will be available via Google Meet
Login details for Google Classroom can be found in the children’s reading records.
Please view the attached expectations, policies, instructions and explanation video of how to access Google classroom/Google Meet – do not hesitate to inform school if you require support.