As more and more of our children begin to use the digital world to support and enhance their learning, we thought it worthwhile to create a bank of educational apps that might be worth taking a look at.

Reading Eggs – for Preschool to KS1 makes learning to read great fun and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities (subscription)

Mathseeds – teaches children aged 3-6 the early maths and problem solving skills needed for success at school. Mathseeds lessons are packed full of mathematical content covered in a fun, interactive and child friendly way with lots of songs. There are currently 50 highly interactive lessons for children to explore, with new lessons added every 6 weeks (subscription)

Superwhy – for preschoolers helping them to spell (Android and ipad) Small fee

Hairy Letters – helping early readers/writers to spell (All platforms) Small fee

Lola’s Alphabet Train – for Early Years letter matching and reading puzzles (Android and ipad) Small fee/free lite version

Monster time – 4+ A fun way to learn how to tell the time (iphone and ipad). Free

Eggs on Legs – Ages 6-8 Helps children with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. (ipad) Small fee.

Percy Parker – 5-11 years Times tables songs. (iphone, ipod and ipad) Small fee

Pop Math – Early Years/KS1 Helps children get to grips with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Small fee/free lite version

Barefoot Atlas – A 3d illustrated interactive atlas. Small fee. (ipad)

Bee Bot – simple control programming for Early years children. Free (ipad)

Magic piano – follow beams of light to play a wide variety of tunes from Bruno Mars to Mozart. (Android, ipad, iphone) Free

Math Bingo – 6-8 years testing all operations revealing fun monsters when getting the correct answer. A good mix of fun and challenge. (Free Android/Small fee for ipad and iphone)

Meteor Math – 4+ years arcade style exploding maths challenge game to improve mental maths agility (Free Android but called Planet defense/Small fee for ipad and iphone)

Doodle Maths – 7-11 helps children to develop their maths skills in a fun way (Android, ipad, iphone) Free

Puppet Pals – 4+ A fantastic award winning app that allows children to create puppeteering movies that they can voice over and even use their own photographs to provide backdrops or characters to star in the productions, which can be shared with friends and family. A great way to get creative. (ipad) Small fee/Free lite

Comic Life 3 – 4-11 Create your own comics with lots of fab illustrative tools. A fun way to get the kids writing. (ipad and iphone) Small fee

If you come across any apps that are not on the list please inform us so that other children can enjoy using and learning from them.